Oral Presentation

Over-The-Horizon Global High Altitude Balloon Communications System



For the last two years Taylor University Research has been working on a global satellite communications network for the TSAT and ELEOSAT satellites. This unit has FCC approval for production and flight. The Module has been flown on multiple balloon flights to test for ruggedness, reliability and tested in the RF anechoic chamber for FCC compliancy. It is now being implemented into the High Altitude Research Platform (HARP). This capability will allow Over-The-Horizon (OTH) communication to the payload allowing extended flight time and long duration without loss of data or tracking. We have designed and built an efficient communication system to extend the battery life from days to months and an extremely reliable flight approved system for long duration flights with global coverage of live Data and Tracking. The HawkEyeII ground support software handles the mapping, Data storage, and status screens switching automatically from a direct RF connection to the satellite network provider over the web. The scope of this paper is to introduce a reliable global communications solution for high altitude balloons.


How to Cite: Dailey, J. F. (2013) “Over-The-Horizon Global High Altitude Balloon Communications System”, Academic High Altitude Conference. 2013(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ahac.5591