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Working an Eclipse Ballooning Campaign with Team Synergy

  • Darian Moses (Delgado Community College)
  • Joanna H. Rivers (Delgado Community College)
  • Ashley Pailet (Delgado Community College)
  • Samuel Overton (Delgado Community College)
  • Sheldon Scott (Delgado Community College)


Improving performance on an eclipse ballooning campaign requires adaptability and teamwork. Specific experiences that encouraged teambuilding and rapport growth are referenced in this work. Due to the extended hours needed during a ballooning campaign, adaptability is crucial. On both field trips, the team had to setup the ground stations, Lufft weather station, and laptops in unfamiliar environments. The work will also include visual aides on the extent to which the team was pushing physicals limits. The campaign also allowed students to explore leadership roles on a STEM campaign. Students rotated jobs in order for everyone to have experience operating all of the equipment. The team, including students and mentors, was composed of roughly 20 people. Compared to the field trip for the October 2023 annular eclipse, interpersonal relationships, team cooperation, and familiarity with the equipment was stronger on the total eclipse field trip in April 2024. The poster will extrapolate on the primary differences between both field trips and why the latest campaign was more successful than the previous.

Keywords: DCC, Delgado Community College, Louisiana, Eclipse, Weather Ballooning

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Moses, D., Rivers, J. H., Pailet, A., Overton, S. & Scott, S., (2024) “Working an Eclipse Ballooning Campaign with Team Synergy”, Academic High Altitude Conference 2024(2). doi:

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Published on
31 May 2024
Peer Reviewed