Poster Presentation

Nationwide Eclipse Ballooning Project

  • Priya Karki


Virginia Tech's NEBP Team embarked on a remarkable journey to live-stream the April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse from the edge of space. Led by the mentors and students, meticulous preparations were made to manage the fill team, payload logistics, flight string, and flight directing. The abstract presents an overview of the team's preparations, challenges faced, and lessons learned during the project. Through numerous launches, the team honed their skills and perfected launch procedures. As the fateful day approached, anticipation peaked as the team readied for the eclipse expedition. Despite challenges posed by windy conditions, the team successfully launched both balloons with numerous payloads, adhering to the timeline meticulously. While having a successful launch, the team encountered a technical issue, the team encountered a technical issue with streaming video due to a power connector failure and hopes to propose strategies for mitigation in future projects. Ultimately, the presentation aims to provide insights into the team's experience and contribute to the broader discussion on eclipse observation and space-based projects, highlighting the overall team performance and invaluable lessons learned.

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Karki, P., (2024) “Nationwide Eclipse Ballooning Project”, Academic High Altitude Conference 2024(2). doi:



Published on
31 May 2024
Peer Reviewed