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Implementation of UHPC for the Repair of a Steel Bridge with Corrosion Damage in CT

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Corrosion problems at girder ends have become one of the most pressing challenges in the maintenance of aging steel bridges. In the past five years, the Connecticut Department of Transportation has been working with the University of Connecticut to develop and validate a novel method for the repair of corroded girder ends using ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). This repair involves welding shear studs onto the intact portions of web plates and encasing the girder end with UHPC to develop an alternate load path for bearing forces. The extensive data from small- and full-scale experiments, complemented by comprehensive finite element simulations, has sufficiently demonstrated the structural viability of the repair and its applicability for use with various girder end geometries. The Connecticut Department of Transportation is moving forward with the first large-scale implementation of the repair on a heavily-trafficked four-span bridge on Interstate 91. The bridge, located east of New Haven, spans three railroad tracks. In this project, several unique parameters have considerably limited the viable repair options. These parameters include 1) the complex geometry of the bridge due to the varying skew angles between spans, 2) the severity of corrosion damage at numerous locations (with a total of 42 beam ends requiring retrofitting), 3) significant construction constraints due to heavy daily traffic, and 4) limited access due to operation of the railroad tracks. Use of the proposed UHPC repair is expected to address these constraints by accommodating various girder end geometries, expediting construction, and minimizing traffic interruptions. This will be accomplished with no significant added cost. This paper presents the lessons learned during the design and construction of the bridge repair. It is expected that this information will facilitate future applications of this promising repair method and enable different states to more efficiently enhance the safety of aging bridges.

Keywords: Corroded Steel Girder Ends, Repair Method, Repair Design, Field Evaluation

How to Cite: Hain, A. , Zaghi, A. E. , Fields, T. , Barakat, R. , Cardinali, A. , Culmo, M. P. & Lopata, T. (2019) “Implementation of UHPC for the Repair of a Steel Bridge with Corrosion Damage in CT”, International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete. 2(1). doi: