Material Behavior

Post-Blast Residual Loading Capacity of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Columns

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Concrete columns are key load-carrying components in modern structures, and their performance is directly related to serviceability of the entire building. Due to their easy accessibility and inherent, vulnerability which mainly comes from low tensile strength of construction materials, concrete columns are under potential threat of rising terrorism attacks. Sufficient residual strength is sought after blasts to avoid catastrophic progressive collapse. In this paper, a series of residual load carrying capacity tests on post-blast ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) columns are presented. These columns are made of a newly developed UHPC material which boasts of ultra-high compressive and tensile strength as well as excellent material ductility. Test results are compared with undamaged columns built with the same material. It is generally concluded that these UHPC columns retain a high level of load carrying strength after blast loads and the results highlight a potential of utilizing such materials in protective design.

Keywords: blast test, UHPC column, residual loading capacity

How to Cite: Wu, C. , Hao, H. & Li, J. (2016) “Post-Blast Residual Loading Capacity of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Columns”, International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete. 1(1). doi: