Utilization of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) in New York



This paper presents New York State Department of Transportation’s (NYSDOT) experience with Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) using Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES) with field-cast UHPC joints. New York State frequently is in need of bridge deck and superstructure replacement using short term closures to maintain acceptable levels of mobility within the highway network. It has a long history of using PBES for accelerating bridge construction. While the objective of accelerating the construction was routinely achieved, long term durability of these structures was a big concern. The reason for this was the inferior performance of joints between pre-fabricated components. Starting from 2008 NYSDOT has been deeply involved in the development, testing, trial application and utilization of field-cast UHPC joints between prefabricated elements for ABC. As of now this technology has been utilized in a large number of bridges within the state. Performance of these bridges, many of them carrying interstate highways with exposure to high levels of chlorides has been very good. This paper will narrate the case studies of the construction of different bridge types using this construction technology.

Keywords: durability, joints, UHPC, field-cast, accelerated, user-cost diamond-grinding, deck, prefabricated, Superstructure, construction

How to Cite: Royce, M. (2016) “Utilization of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) in New York”, International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete. 1(1). doi: