Material Behavior

Effect of transverse reinforcement detailing on the axial load response of UHPC columns

  • Hassan Aoude (University of Ottawa)
  • Milad M. Hosinieh (University of Ottawa)
  • William D. Cook (McGill University)
  • Denis Mitchell (McGill University)


This paper summarizes the results of a study examining the axial load performance of UHPC columns. As part of the study a total of four large-scale columns having square cross-section are tested under pure axial loading. Parameters considered in this study include the effect of transverse reinforcement spacing and arrangement. The results show that the use of well-detailed transverse reinforcement allows for excellent ductility in UHPC columns, with performance affected by the spacing and configuration of the transverse steel detailing. Reducing the spacing of the ties is found to improve confinement resulting in an enhancement of post-peak column ductility. Performance further improves as the amount of transverse steel within the column cross-section is increased. The results also show that the addition of fibers in UHPC columns allows for gradual cover spalling and controlled failure of core concrete.

Keywords: UHPC, columns, transverse reinforcement, axial, UHPFRC

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Aoude, H., Hosinieh, M. M., Cook, W. D. & Mitchell, D., (2016) “Effect of transverse reinforcement detailing on the axial load response of UHPC columns”, International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete 1(1). doi:

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Published on
18 Jul 2016