Caltrans' Key Performance Indicators for UHPC Applications on ABC Projects

  • Habib Hotaki (California Department of Transportation)


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This extended abstract provides an overview of the key indicators and lessons learned to enhance future application of UHPC on ABC projects. Since 2019, Caltrans has built six ABC bridges using UHPC filled keyways as the primary means of connecting precast adjacent box girders. Caltrans has now constructed 4,800 linear feet of the UHPC keyway connections and is exploring UHPC for other applications such as deck overlays, precast abutments, pile-footing-abutment connections, joint header repair, and link slabs. Caltrans is using information from its previous ABC projects to develop key indicators that affect the success of projects that utilize UHPC. The key indicators include project programming, human factor, lethargy due to long ABC shifts, familiarity to the ABC processes, geometric tolerances, material waste management, QA/QC, heat curing methods, and training on material specifications and ABC methods.

Keywords: UHPC, Caltrans, ABC, lessons, keyway, connection, box girder, tolerance, human factor, material

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