UHPC Bridge Implementations since 2019

  • Greg Nault (Holcim US)


This presentation will highlight current trends and happenings in UHPC infrastructure utilizations throughout the United States. Then will focus on several key projects that have been more recently completed using UHPC. The focus here will be on the applications that were utilized and the material characteristics that were implemented for each project. Several applications will be presented including 1) bridge deck overlays (e.g. the Delaware Memorial Bridge), 2) bridge deck closure pours (e.g. the Arlington Memorial Bridge), 3) bridge deck link slabs, 4) bridge deck expansion joint headers, 5) bridge deck l.w. panels using UHPC infill, and 6) a precast concrete beam splice installed via ready-mix truck mixing and pumping. The goal of this presentation is to give the audience a broader view of what has transpired in UHPC utilizations throughout the U.S. since the symposium in 2019.

Keywords: bridge, UHPC, projects, applications, concrete, overlay, link slab, trends

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Published on
04 Jun 2023
Peer Reviewed