Applied Design of UHPC Slabs: We Need More than Compressive Strength

  • Frederik Boysen (Hi-Con A/S)


Hi-Con has produced precast UHPC elements since 2001, working exclusively with the material. This has resulted in the production of over 100.000 tons of slender UHPC elements. All elements produced, are designed in-house. As such we have a great deal of experience with the boundaries of UHPC design within the architectural codes. The reinforced UHPC slabs that comprise the core part of Hi-Con production, are mainly used for balconies and external walkways. These parts of the structure are most often, only covered directly by harmonized standards with regards to their required carrying loads. Most serviceability limit state requirements (long term deflection, vibrational comfort) are not directly covered. As such, many references would fall back to the regular guidelines for structural members. These guidelines however, were not set with either secondary structures, or UHPC in mind. This leads to design requirements that are either too lax or even impossibly restrictive. Further complicating the design, is the fact that the design limits are human-induced and/or -perceived. This presentation will elaborate on some of these design limits, and on the material properties that actually govern the design. The presentation will do so by going through a small amount of applied designs, showing pictures from design to finished construction.

Keywords: design criteria, project examples/applications

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Published on
04 Jun 2023
Peer Reviewed