Electrical-Based Durability Assessment of Ultra-High Performance Concrete

  • Naveen Saladi (Genex Systems LLC)
  • Luca Montanari (Genex Systems LLC)
  • Benjamin Graybeal orcid logo (U.S. Department of Transportation)


Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) has become popular over the last two decades due to the superior mechanical and durability properties. Despite the higher initial material cost and the difficulties to properly handle the material, transportation agencies are now more receptive to its broader use given the enhanced mechanical and durability performance. Over the years, the application of UHPC on bridges expanded from prefabricated bridge element connections to bridge repair and rehabilitation as well as bridge deck overlays. In some cases, primary structural elements have been exclusively fabricated with UHPC. In all these applications, it is crucial that the material offers proved superior mechanical and durability properties. While mechanical properties are easy to assess and has been successfully done in UHPC-class materials, more challenges are encountered in the evaluation of durability properties of UHPC. The dense nature of the material along with the presence of fiber reinforcement question the reliability of the common durability test methods for conventional concrete. This study explores the use of electrical resistivity, rapid chloride migration, water absorption and freeze thaw tests to assess the durability properties of UHPC. The findings from this study indicate that the water absorption and freeze thaw tests provide an indication of durability but cannot be used to characterize among different UHPC-class materials. The results from electrical-resistivity and migration tests indicate that the electrical resistivity can be used to characterize the durability performance of UHPCs and displays strong correlation to migration test that can be used to assess the service-life of UHPC-class materials.

Keywords: UHPC, durability, test method, electrical resistivity

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Published on
04 Jun 2023
Peer Reviewed