Development of Short Span and Medium Span Footbridge Systems using UHPFRC in Czech Republic

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In the first part, this paper presents the experimental development of an innovative medium span footbridge system made of UHPFRC. The load bearing structure is designed as a U-shaped beam and consists of 2 main precast prestressed beams, which are connected with precast bridge deck segments. This system is different from the commonly used segmental footbridge structures because a longitudinal prefabrication is used. The development of this system was initiated for several reasons – no need to assemble a falsework and a formwork in situ, no need for heavy cranes, the main load-bearing structure does not contain transverse joints, a possibility to prestress the structure in advance in factory. In the other part, the article discusses another system of short-span footbridges made of UHPFRC designed and used in the Czech Republic. These footbridges are in the shape of a slab with ribs, and they are manufactured and placed on the substructure as a whole, so they represent an advantage especially in terms of construction speed and low maintenance requirements.

Keywords: footbridge, UHPFRC, innovation

How to Cite: Holý, M. , Prchlík, J. , Čítek, D. , Marek, J. , Prchal, J. & Kolísko, J. (2023) “Development of Short Span and Medium Span Footbridge Systems using UHPFRC in Czech Republic”, International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete. 3(1). doi: