UHPC Overlay at Three Bridge Interchange in Elsmere, Delaware

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The 'Elsmere UHPC Bridge Overlay' project features three Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) owned bridges (BR 1-600, BR 1-601, BR 1-604) located within the SR 141 and SR 2 interchange near Elsmere, DE, or a few miles west of Wilmington, DE. These structures were constructed in 1973 and the steel superstructures are in good condition. However, two aging original bridge decks and one prematurely delaminating LMC overlay at the interchange (BR 1-600 only) require rehabilitation to ensure long term serviceability. The objective of this effort is two-fold: to significantly reduce future maintenance costs (and future traffic impacts) on these structures and significantly increase their remaining service life. DelDOT is sensitive to traffic impacts at this interchange, increasing the complexity of this project beyond the scope of using a new, yet promising, overlay material. Ramp closure durations, traffic detour signage, and road-user costs were studied in equal measures to deck preparation techniques, machine-paver capabilities, and UHPC on-site batch production. The UHPC overlay material will be placed in two (2) thicknesses: 2 7/8" average at BR 1-600 and 1 1/4" average at BR 1-601 and BR 1-604. Construction is set to begin in early Calendar Year 2025 and all project work will be completed by the end of the year.

Keywords: UHPC, overlay, machine-placed

How to Cite: Geschrei, W. A. & Gabay, Z. M. (2023) “UHPC Overlay at Three Bridge Interchange in Elsmere, Delaware”, International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete. 3(1). doi: