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About The Critical Social Educator

The Critical Social Educator is an open access, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal designed to connect practitioners and researchers interested in critical social education at the elementary level. By critical, we mean an examination of power relations with a focus on injustice and oppression in terms of how these operate within sites of learning as well as efforts to disrupt them. By social education, we mean all experiences through which children learn about the social world and their participation in it. By elementary, we mean educational experiences that include children ages 5-12 and/or prepare adults teaching and learning with this age group. 

The journal aims to provide a space for researchers and practitioners to be in dialogue about the possibilities and challenges of critical social education at the elementary level. For all accepted submissions, researchers will provide a response to practitioner pieces and practitioners will provide a response to researcher pieces.

Focus and Scope for The Critical Social Educator

We are interested in quantitative and qualitative empirical research, personal narratives, classroom action research, teacher inquiry, position papers, reviews of media, lesson plans, art and poetry that address social education.

Copyright Notice

The Critical Social Educator is an open access journal. By submitting your manuscript to this journal you and your co-authors agree that, if accepted for publication, you giver The Critical Social Educator permission to reproduce, distribute, and modify the article in order to manage, publish, and preserve the article and to publish your article under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) license, which permits readers to copy, share, and adapt your article. The author(s) retain copyright in the article.


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This journal operates an open peer review policy. For more information about the policy, please visit our About Our Peer Review Process page.

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This journal will publish issues twice a year, in January and August. We plan to publish the first issue of TCSE in January 2020.


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