Modernizing Boro: Upcycling apparel with a past



The current fashion industry promotes quick changeovers of garments with fast deliveries at low prices creating an over abundance of clothing which is considered disposable by many consumers. In response to this fast fashion environment, I looked at the practice of extending the life of a garment, specifically Japanese boro. Boro is the act of mending and patching a garment, Sashiko is type of stitching used. While traditional Sashiko has started to regain its popularity and many of the traditional stitches has been modernized. 

Keywords: Sustainability, Sashiko, Boro, Upcycling

How to Cite: Boorady, L. M. (2020) “Modernizing Boro: Upcycling apparel with a past”, Sustainability in Fashion. 1(1). doi: