Sustainability efforts of denim brands Mud Jeans and Levi Strauss & Co.

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The textile and apparel production processes make use of scarce resources and many chemicals resulting in products with high environmental impact. The social and environmental factors that disrupt textile and apparel businesses and their performance are often multidimensional in nature. The sheer number of chemicals used in the textile and apparel supply chain presents obvious opportunities for companies to reduce use of toxic chemicals and materials to improve their environmental sustainability quotient. At the same time, the social sustainability measures focus on improving the lives of various stakeholders that are in its supply chain. This study assess the sustainable practices of two denim brands – Levi Strauss & Co. (U.S.A) and Mud Jeans (Netherlands). Levis’ current sustainability goals are to accomplish zero discharge of hazardous chemical by 2020 and to produce more than 80 % of its product volume in Worker Wellbeing factories by 2025. However, Mud Jeans is making efforts to adopt circular model in the category of denim products.

Keywords: social responsibility, environmental sustainability, Denim

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