The Impact of Team Learning on Sustainable Design



The overall sustainability movement is gaining more attention and momentum with general consumers.  Gam and Banning (2011) and Smith (2017) noted that the number of consumer's social and environmental concerns and the number of designers and manufacturers supporting the eco-friendly mentality is increasing.

This study juxtaposes the concept of team learning and sustainability to create a more robust, more conceptual approach to real-world industry challenges while developing the students' ability to produce a garment that focusses on the conservation of fabric during the patternmaking and garment construction process.

The study, conducted in a capstone course, began with a discussion on defining sustainability.  The students were divided into teams of 3 - 4. Each team member created a sustainable garment that fit into their final collection using environmentally friendly fabrics, post-consumer clothing, or a combination.  After the teamwork was done, the students responded to questions about their teamwork and sustainability experiences.

Keywords: teamwork, fashion design, apparel design, Sustainability, Teams

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