Grading zero-waste garments



Building on previous research in both zero-waste pattern cutting and methods for grading zero-waste garments, this presentation will share a method used to resize zero-waste garments for a fitted top, skirt, and pants. A method for resizing garments without making changes to original pattern shapes has been developed by the author using narrow fabrics and trims. This method requires designs with seam placements that will allow trim insertion. Through strategic placement of the inserted trims, garments can be resized with no changes to the original patterns but instead by using different trim widths. This method has been proven effective in a women’s blouse; to demonstrate the technique’s applicability in other zero-waste garments, three additional garments will be presented in assorted sizes using narrow trims at strategically placed seams.

Keywords: sizing, grading, pattern, zero waste

How to Cite: Carrico, M. (2020) “Grading zero-waste garments”, Sustainability in Fashion. 1(1). doi: