Dissemination of textile and apparel environmental information on Facebook

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Sustainable clothing consumption is vital to reduce the negative ecological footprint of global textile and apparel (TA) industry. Social media, such as Facebook (FB), twitter, blogs, etc., can disseminate relevant information to help raise consumer awareness. This study investigated if Facebook could be a potential disseminating media of TA sustainability information, by examining what formats of Facebook posts and what types of sustainability topic generated more engagement. The findings showed that participants engaged more in video format followed by infographic and weblink. Besides, participants engaged more in water-related FB posts followed by waste-related contents . Energy-related FB posts generated the least amount of engagement.  

Keywords: Sustainability, Apparel, engagement, social media, dissemination, clothing, textile, apparel, Facebook, sustainability, Environment

How to Cite: Patwary, S. U. & LeHew, M. L. (2020) “Dissemination of textile and apparel environmental information on Facebook”, Sustainability in Fashion. 1(1). doi: