The Wear Movement: New Life for Well Loved Clothing

  • Connie B Ulasewicz (San Francisco State University)
  • Gail Baugh (San Francisco State University)


In 1994, the city of San Francisco set a goal for itself of zero waste by the year 2020. One of the top three solid waste landfill contributors not yet addressed, textile waste, is contributing 4% or 4500 points to landfill every hour. Currently, consumers are asked to dispose of textiles in a clear plastic bag tie up and placed in the recycle bin with metal, glass, hard plastic, and clean paper. This contaminates the textiles; the collection system does not work. The Wear Movement, recipient of a grant from the San Francisco Department of the Environment, was founded in 2018, as a new strategy to cleanly collect post-consumer clothing and other textile products.

Keywords: ReUse, Post Consumer, Textile Waste

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Ulasewicz, C. B. & Baugh, G., (2020) “The Wear Movement: New Life for Well Loved Clothing”, Sustainability in Fashion 1(1). doi:

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Published on
30 Jun 2020
Peer Reviewed