How is Vague Language Being Used in Retail Websites for Bamboo Viscose Products?

  • Amanda J. Thompson (The University of Alabama)
  • Bahrum Prang Rocky (The University of Alabama)


In a press release dated August 11, 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that “Bamboo-based Textiles, Actually Made of Rayon, Are Not Antimicrobial, Made in an Environmentally Friendly Manner, or Biodegradable”. This study surveyed 115 current worldwide retailers who advertised bamboo textile products to see if those claims are still part of their advertising strategy and if rayon was the fiber in the products. It was found that most of the retailers were in the USA (42.61%); many did not reveal the country of origin (46.30%); many claimed antibacterial properties (61. 18%); most did not give manufacturing process information (87.82%); a majority sold viscose (bamboo as the starting material) blended with other materials (84.35%); and none offered proof of natural bamboo fibers.  This survey of retailers advertising “bamboo” fibers suggests that the product on the market is viscose with little evidence to support the property claims by the retailers.

Keywords: Bamboo Apparel, Bamboozling, Bamboo Viscose

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Thompson, A. J. & Rocky, B. P., (2020) “How is Vague Language Being Used in Retail Websites for Bamboo Viscose Products?”, Sustainability in Fashion 1(1). doi:

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Published on
30 Jun 2020
Peer Reviewed