An Exploration of Production Efficiency and Standardization in Upcycled Designs



Upcycling is a sustainable design approach that provides designers with the opportunity to reassess the value of a discarded material. While designers can remanufacture fragments to create original garments by making use of this post-consumer waste, one challenge is to standardize one garment into a set or series as conventionally designed and produced clothing since secondhand material supplies are irregular and quantities unpredictable (Gwilt & Rissanen, 2011). By using secondhand men’s tailored jackets and neckties to create an eveningwear collection, this design research explores the use of upcycling, combined with cultural inspiration, to further determine the potential of production efficiency and standardization of these garments. Furthermore, all the fabrics from the original jackets have been utilized to create the new designs, despite small trimming for appropriate fit, in order to prevent any further textile waste.

Keywords: production, design, sustainability, Upcycling

How to Cite: Chen, C. (2020) “An Exploration of Production Efficiency and Standardization in Upcycled Designs”, Sustainability in Fashion. 1(1). doi: