A Rafinesque portrait



Whether to praise or to blame, every American naturalist has been tempted to write on Rafinesque. Even when the temptation to break into print has been resisted, awareness of this eccentric genius is often present in the minds of all workers on inland animals and plants of the United States. The writer confesses that he is no exception and the only excuse for this short article is to explain the color reproduction of the portrait that accompanies it. In the spring of 1964 the writer visited the library of Transylvania College in Lexington, Kentucky. His aim at the time was to photograph .memorabilia of Rafinesque, particularly portraits, and he was fortunate in enlisting the interest of Miss Roemol Henry, Librarian, whose knowledge of the materials in her care and kindness in making them available cannot be praised too highly.


How to Cite: La Rocque, A. (1964) “A Rafinesque portrait”, Sterkiana. 16(1).