Contributions to the history of Canadian malacology



Some years ago l finished the manuscript of a Catalogue of Canadian Mollusca which was published (La Rocque , 1953) by the National Museum of Canada. The introduction to this work included an outline of the history of malacological work in Canada but the manuscript proved so lengthy that I was asked to excise the history from it in order to produce a catalogue of manageable size. This was done and in the inter¥ening years I have added to the history as materials became available. The revised and somewhat expanded· paper is presented here in the hope that it may prove useful to those who have come into the field in recent years and that it may bring back pleasant memories to those who knew some of the scientists mentioned in these pages who have died in the last few years.


How to Cite: La Rocque, A. (1962) “Contributions to the history of Canadian malacology”, Sterkiana. 6(1).