The American Journal of Conchology



The last year of a war hardly seems the time to start a new journal, yet that it just when the energet1c George W. Tryon, Jr. launched the American Journal of Conchology. The project must have been discussed and carefully planned beforehand among Philadelphia conchologists for the papers published in the very first issue are excellent, the typographic make-up and the illustrations are the best available at the time. During its short life the journal maintained high standards of content and form equal to those of its contemporaries in Europe. How it came into existence, how it was financed, how many copies of each issue were printed and why it was decided to discontinue it are questions to which I cannot presently give answers; the latter would throw interesting light on the history of conchology in the seventh and eighth decades of the nineteenth century.


How to Cite: La Rocque, A. (1959) “The American Journal of Conchology”, Sterkiana. 5(1).