Overheard in the Stacks: Candid Conversations on Project Management

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The ability to successfully manage a project is becoming increasingly important to the livelihood of archival institutions as we attempt to respond to institutional changes in innovative ways. A well-managed project can have transformative effects not just on a collection of materials, but on archivist and institutions as well. This lightning session will present a variety of project management case studies and current experiences. Presenters will share successful stories or experiences that served as learning opportunities. After all presenters have spoken for three to five minutes, the session will open to you (the audience) to provide either sympathy or an innovative solution of your own.


How to Cite: Gartner, R. , Busch, E. , Carron, E. , Davis, B. , Hujda, K. , Moriarty, C. , Rafferty, S. & Wells, C. (2019) “Overheard in the Stacks: Candid Conversations on Project Management”, MAC Annual Meeting Presentations. 2019(1).