That's the Ticket

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Archives and museums have experienced an increased volume of reference requests from remote users, partly due to pandemic-related travel complications. Systematically managing requests has become increasingly important. The Bentley Historical Library (BHL), the University of Northern Iowa Special Collections & University Archives (UNI SC&UA, and the Henry Ford Benson Ford Research Center (BFRC) use ticketing systems to manage this increase. Each institution is at a different point in the process, and presenters will compare reasons for choosing a system and discuss differences in use.

The BHL realized that its shared email account and spreadsheet for tracking remote reference requests was leading to missed handoffs and delays. Staff proposed a move to LibAnswers to ensure better management and improve collaboration among staff. Sarah McLusky and Caitlin Moriarty will talk about choosing a system, initial setup, the migration process, and initial analysis of how thesystem is working.

The UNI SC&UA moved from an email-based patron request process to LibAnswers in May 2021to more effectively manage requests and staff time, and to better align with the broader library. The switch has led to a more efficient process and less confusion regarding requests. Tessa Wakefield will address what led to the switch and how it was implemented, and give her postimplementation thoughts.

The BFRC implemented LibAnswers in 2014. Reference staff needed a system to simplify in-person and remote research interactions, as well as a system that would record reference statistics. Lauren Brady will discuss how the system has been working for the BFRC, how it allowed an efficient transition to predominantly remote research assistance, how modifications support collaboration,and how the system has influenced policy decisions.

Keywords: systems, public services, service models, reference

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