New Leadership Models at Four Big Ten Special Collections Libraries

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This panel presents new leadership models and approaches from four special collections units within the Big Ten Academic Alliance. These approaches to leadership are informed by—and seek to embody—guiding values or principles articulated by these four libraries, which vary but include among them care, collaboration, empowerment, creativity, and inclusivity. At each library, these new models are applied in order to change the way the organizations approach (for instance) collection development and stewardship, the development of missions and strategic directions, improvements to workplace climate and culture, and learning and goal-setting related to systemic racism, among other topics. Each of the four panelists will discuss a different model or approach with specific examples from their institution and share some thoughts about how their model or approach could be applied at other institutions.  

Keywords: Leadership, Management, Archives, Special Collections

How to Cite: Pavelich, D. , Ducey, M. , McRoberts, L. & Meehan, J. (2022) “New Leadership Models at Four Big Ten Special Collections Libraries”, MAC Annual Meeting Presentations. 2022(1).