When the Rubber Hits the Road: Real-World Digital Preservation

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Digital preservation remains a challenging and almost abstract idea for those responsible for ensuring the longevity of digital materials. During this lightning round session, seven information professionals will share practical, cost-effective, and realistic approaches to digital preservation. The conversations will be framed by the findings presented in “Trends in Digital Preservation Capacity and Practice,” published in the July/August 2017 issue of D-Lib Magazine, as well as by findings from the Beyond the Repository IMLS grant investigating the integration of local repositories with distributed preservation networks. This session will highlight trends in digital preservation in practice and offer an open conversation about “good enough” preservation steps that can be taken when you are faced with limited resources.


How to Cite: Dorpinghaus, S. , Alagna, L. , Boyd, D. , May, C. , Noonan, D. W. , Shalcross, M. & Wilson, N. (2018) “When the Rubber Hits the Road: Real-World Digital Preservation”, MAC Annual Meeting Presentations. 2018(1).