Innovative Entertainment Outreach

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“Entertainment” and “archives” are two words that most people, even archivists, are unlikely to pair. The panelists will discuss various creative programs presented by university archives, a corporate archives, and a public library archives to raise awareness of their institutions and to reach people in their communities who otherwise would not consider attending archives programs, have no immediate research needs, or are unfamiliar with archives altogether. Heather Stecklein will present ways that she integrates her Stouts Secrets Campus Walking Tour into existing departmental retreats, homecoming events, and professional development initiatives. Megan Atkinson will present her exhibit at the Putnam County Fair and the Preservation Station for digitization of patrons’ obsolete formats. Nathalie Wheaton will present her experiences surrounding the demolition of four historic buildings on her campus, which culminated in a well-attended and livestreamed event featuring the opening of four time capsules. Scott Brouwer will present Dark La Crosse, a popular suite of programs highlighted by an annual stage production with newly researched content each year that features the seedier side of his city’s rich cultural history. The panelists will also discuss what types of activities work well and which do not; the amount of effort, time, money, and administrative goodwill required; collaborations with their communities that make the programs possible; and how the programs benefit current patrons, potential patrons, and their own institutions.


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