Integrating Computer and Technology Systems Networks in Industrial Technology Programs



The next generation of networking systems will be powered by microscopic microchips. The chips will be invisible to the naked eyes, will have very low power ratings and will have astronomical speeds. These chips will constitute yet another technology revolution created by technology advancement of microprocessors. Such development will create more sophisticated and wide varieties of Electronic Control Units (ECU) and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) that will be used in both Computer Systems Network (CSN) and Technology Systems Network (TSN). These predictions gleaned by the author from annual state of business addresses given to employees by CEO’s at Mettler Toledo (1994), Compuserve (1996) and Liebert Corporation (1998) can not be overempasized. Judging from the past, it is only a matter of time before this seemingly emerging technology fiction will turn into technology facts. And the fact that these technology imaginations are not impractical dictates that industrial technology faculty explore different dimensions of networking systems in preparation for the challenges ahead.

Keywords: administration|curriculum|information technology

How to Cite: Uma, A. (2004) “Integrating Computer and Technology Systems Networks in Industrial Technology Programs”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. 20(2).