Reality-Based Construction Project Management: A Constraint-Based 4D Simulation Environment

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Construction-related programs face a significant challenge of providing students with knowledge that works in industry. It is, therefore, not surprising that construction management (CM) programs are allocating more time in their curricula to provide students with such learning opportunities (Pierce, Gibbons, Limeges, Nowotny, Schwartz- man, Scott, & Trow, 1995). As a way of meeting this need, a number of pedagogical and technological innovations were designed, tested, and implemented successfully into construction management programs. These innovations include internships, multimedia-based learning, service-learning projects, simulation, and games (Park, Chan, & Ingawale-Verma, 2003; Senior, 1998).

Keywords: computer technology|construction|curriculum|project management|research|teaching methods

How to Cite: Park, B. & Meier, R. L. (2007) “Reality-Based Construction Project Management: A Constraint-Based 4D Simulation Environment”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. 23(1).