Multiple CAD Formats in a Single Product Data Management System: A Case Study

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The design and manufacturing industries exist in a world with multiple competing CAD packages that possess each of their own strengths and weaknesses. This can become a serious problem for companies trying to integrate their software use, but are faced with high licensing and training costs, compounded by the fact that competing CAD packages do not communicate well, if at all. This is especially apparent in product data management (PDM) systems because typically the out-of- the-box installation for a PDM system does not natively support multiple CAD file types. Therefore, it is important to examine how competing CAD file types are handled within a single PDM system. This paper documents some of the strategies for getting this integration to work, challenges encountered, and the successes achieved. It will also relate these experiences to industry issues and make recommendations on how these integrations could be used more successfully.

Keywords: CAD|curriculum|graphic communications|higher education|information technology

How to Cite: Waldenmeyer, K. M. & Hartman, N. W. (2009) “Multiple CAD Formats in a Single Product Data Management System: A Case Study”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. 25(3).