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Ask the Editors: Assessing the Publishing Needs of Faculty Editors

  • Matthew Eric Hunter orcid logo (Florida State University)
  • Liz Dunne (Florida State University)
  • Camille Thomas (Florida State University)
  • Laura Miller (Florida State University)
  • Devin Soper (Florida State University)


Introduction: This article reports results from a survey of faculty members with editorial responsibilities. The survey explored what publishing services and platform functionalities respondents found most valuable in their work as editors, how satisfied they were with the services provided by commercial publishers, and to what extent they were aware of alternative publishing practices. Method: The authors used data collected from a survey instrument that was distributed to a sample (n = 515) of faculty members with editorial responsibilities at their institution. Results: Collected data suggest that faculty editors value specific publishing services (e.g., coordination of peer review and copyediting) and platform functionality (e.g., submission and peer-review management) more than others, recognize several challenges facing academic publishing in their disciplines (including the transition to open access publishing models), and are mostly aware of common forms of open access research dissemination such as open access journals and institutional repositories. Discussion: The survey results may be helpful to library publishers in making decisions about what publishing services and platform functionalities to prioritize in the development of their publishing programs. In addition to utilizing the survey data to assess the needs of editors, the authors also identified a number of expanded uses of the survey related to marketing and outreach. Conclusion: Insofar as faculty editors are key stakeholders that library publishers seek to build partnerships with, it is important to understand their needs and preferences as editors. This article provides some insight into these questions that may prove helpful to library publishers.

Keywords: library publishing, publishing services, publishing platforms, editors, editorial board members, open access, faculty assessment, expansive/media-rich publishing

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Hunter, M. E., Dunne, L., Thomas, C., Miller, L. & Soper, D., (2022) “Ask the Editors: Assessing the Publishing Needs of Faculty Editors”, Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication 10(1). doi:

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Published on
16 Apr 2022
Peer Reviewed