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Research Forum: Creating and Sustaining an Intra-library Venue to Share Library Faculty Research

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INTRODUCTION Research and evidence-based practices are vital to library work, but we are often unaware of the research conducted by colleagues within our own institutions. This article describes an informal venue for library faculty and staff to discuss current research projects—including logistical considerations that are crucial to a research project’s success but are rarely discussed—and receive peer advice and support. LITERATURE REVIEW Previous studies have shown that research is a challenge for librarians, largely from lack of training. While journal clubs and writing groups are common, there is a gap in the literature on librarians discussing and receiving feedback on current research projects in an informal setting. DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM A research forum (RF) series was hosted during the 2018-2019 academic year, open to all library faculty and staff. RF was hosted monthly, featuring one to three volunteers presenting their current research at any stage of the research lifecycle. Eight total presentations were given from September to March and mini-update presentations from previous presenters in April. Overall, in  summative assessment, RF received very positive feedback, with respondents reporting they attended due to interest in the presented topics and to support colleagues. They also appreciated the value of RF in sharing current research projects in the library. NEXT STEPS After a successful pilot year, RF has become an important part of our libraries’ professional development offerings. RF provides a sustainable solution for research support, encouraging the sharing of
research successes and challenges.

Keywords: research, librarians, professional development, research forum, share research, librarianship

How to Cite: Thielen, J. , Spunaugle, E. & Swanberg, S. (2020) “Research Forum: Creating and Sustaining an Intra-library Venue to Share Library Faculty Research”, Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication. 8(1). doi: