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DMP Assistant [Tool Review]

  • Emma Black ( University of Lethbridge)


The DMP (Data Management Plan) Assistant, hosted by the Portage Network, is a free tool designed to walk users through the creation of data management plans. As federal granting agencies in Canada are now expecting researchers to show evidence of data management planning, the DMP Assistant is both timely and useful. The template offered provides guidance based on current research data management best practices and are customizable based on institutional policies. While the DMP Assistant focuses on Canadian research needs, there are a number of similar tools developed from the same open-source platform that serve users around the globe. Though it does not currently offer current online tutorials or sample DMPs, the DMP Assistant is a simple and effective tool for engaging users in the research process.

Keywords: research data management, data management plans, data management

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Published on
03 May 2018
Peer Reviewed