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Green on What Side of the Fence? Librarian Perceptions of Accepted Author Manuscripts

  • Jimmy Ghaphery orcid logo (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Sam Byrd (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Hillary Miller orcid logo (Virginia Commonwealth University)


INTRODUCTION There is a growing body of accepted author manuscripts (AAMs) in national, professional, and institutional repositories. This study seeks to explore librarian attitudes about AAMs and in what contexts they should be recommended. Particular attention is paid to differences between the attitudes of librarians whose primary job responsibilities are within the field of scholarly communications as opposed to the rest of the profession. METHODS An Internet survey was sent to nine different professional listservs, asking for voluntary anonymous participation. RESULTS This study finds that AAMs are considered an acceptable source by many librarians, with scholarly communications librarians more willing to recommend AAMs in higher-stakes contexts such as health care and dissertation research. DISCUSSION Librarian AAM attitudes are discussed, with suggestions for future research and implications for librarians.

Keywords: Accepted Author Manuscripts, Green Open Access, Librarian Attitudes, Scholarly Communications, Repositories

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Ghaphery, J., Byrd, S. & Miller, H., (2017) “Green on What Side of the Fence? Librarian Perceptions of Accepted Author Manuscripts”, Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication 5(1), eP2204. doi:

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Published on
15 Nov 2017
Peer Reviewed