"Forget About Justice:" Survivance and Resistance in Teacher Education



This testimonio examines how systemic epistemic violence operates in teacher education. In this paper, systemic epistemic violence refers to the silencing of demands for justice voiced by faculty of color as well as the devaluing of counter-knowledges that draw on different epistemologies. This testimonio highlights the way the “Othering” of faculty from racialized groups produces and protects systemic epistemic violence. “Othering” in this case does not simply refer to individual racial discrimination or oppression rooted in White fragility. Instead, it refers to the intrinsic indignities faculty of color, in this case a Chicano assistant professor, must endure when they resist majoritarian narratives of progress.

Keywords: Testimonio, Critical Race Theory, Latinx, teacher education, Epistemic Violence

How to Cite: Vasquez, R. (2019) “"Forget About Justice:" Survivance and Resistance in Teacher Education”, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis. 8(1).