Healing through Geography: A Spatial-Learning Analysis and Praxis



Learning takes place in and across settings. In this conceptual piece, a spatial-learning praxis is presented to understand geographic trauma to invoke healing from trauma through. I begin by providing a context of the links between oppression and trauma. I then highlight how it persists for learners and the consequences trauma has for students of color. I then build off of critical pedagogy, learning theory, Black feminism, Black geographies, and Indigenous studies to describe a form of learning and transformation that is dedicated to elements of healing centered learning. I briefly review these conceptual foundations as a preface to introducing a framework of healing centered learning and its components grounded in four anchors including (in no particular order): (a) learning and identity (b) geography (c) and oppression and trauma. Understanding geo-onto-epistemologies allows for mechanisms for learning to move past resilience and into healing, sustaining change over time. I conclude with learning and the applications to heal identities through the design of learning environments and spatial analysis.

Keywords: Geographies, Healing, Learning Pathways, Race, Trauma

How to Cite: Germinaro, K. (2022) “Healing through Geography: A Spatial-Learning Analysis and Praxis”, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis. 11(3). doi: