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Creating Custom Half-Scale Dress Forms from 3D Body Scans

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In this workshop, participants learned to create a custom half-scale dress forms from 3D body scans. This hands-on workshop covered the entire process of developing a custom half-scale foam dress form, starting with capturing 3D data with a Structure Sensor to assembling the final dress form from foam slices. In the first half of the workshop, Dr. Kristen Morris demonstrated how to digitally process and develop files for the dress form using Fusion 360. The presenters also showed how to slice the 3D model to extract a  plan for cutting materials used in the dress forms. The second half of the workshop was spent assembling a prepared foam half-scale dress form (size 8). The presenters also demonstrated how they use the half-scale forms in their design process.  Upon completion of the workshop, participants experienced the entire custom half-scale dress form creation process and left with a step-by-step process guide, and a half-scale dress form for continued use.

Keywords: fusion 360, half-scale dress forms, 3D body scan, 3D design, structure sensor

How to Cite: Morris, K. D. & Phoenix, K. A. (2019) “Creating Custom Half-Scale Dress Forms from 3D Body Scans”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 76(1). doi: