Creative Design: Graduate

Knot My Shirts: Women’s Wear Dress from Post-consumer Men’s Wear

  • Evelyn Rossol (Kent State University)


This dress was part of a collection developed for an upcycle guidebook. The purpose of the guidebook was to develop upcycled garments with a consistent construction process to allow for production runs in a limited run production setting. Men's dress shirts are constructed in a fairly similar way regardless of the brand and price point making consistency when upcycling duplicates easier. The upcycled dress is made out of two men's dress shirts, one size large and one size medium. Both shirts had vertical stripes of similar colors which allowed for a cohesive look within the dress. Details from the men's shirt are clearly visible in the cuffs, collar stands,  button-placket, and pockets but the garment has been refashioned in a way that creates a very playful and feminine look. This design is a marketable piece for women's contemporary wear that can be duplicated by production teams or local makers.

Keywords: sustainability, men's dress shirts, upcycle

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Rossol, E., (2019) “Knot My Shirts: Women’s Wear Dress from Post-consumer Men’s Wear”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 76(1). doi:

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Published on
15 Dec 2019