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Wine Dyed: Multi-wear Sustainable Wedding Dress

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This dress was designed in order to create a sustainable wedding dress that could be worn on more occasions than just a wedding day. The bridal market is coming to a turning point where traditional white wedding dresses are losing interest and alternative dresses are gaining market potential. The dress consists of the asymmetric, short dress with an origami flower strap and a maxi skirt that is worn underneath. Both pieces are intended to be worn together for the wedding while they could be worn separately for other occasions. The design for the dress was developed based on four key elements: Sustainable textiles, the use of natural dye, reducing waste, and transformability. Banana fiber fabric and organic cotton were used as the main and lining fabrics. Wine was used for the dye because it does not need a mordant. This decreases the toxicity of the dye process. The skirt pieces utilize the entire width of the fabric and the origami flowers are made of hexagons, which can be cut like a honeycomb from the fabric, decreasing waste.

Keywords: sustainability, nontraditional, natural dye, multi-wear

How to Cite: Rossol, E. & Lapolla, K. (2019) “Wine Dyed: Multi-wear Sustainable Wedding Dress”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 76(1). doi: