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Bat-wing Denim Dress

  • Melanie Carrico orcid logo (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)


This dress was a response to a challenge of avoiding traditional seam placement and incorporating technology into the designing or making of the garment. The idea emerged from my associating the denim fabric with western wear and from the nontraditional seam placement challenge. Vintage western shirts have “bat-wing” shaped yoke seams with scallops and points similar to those in this dress. The pieces were laser cut, then seams and edges were topstitched with the golden hued thread found on most blue jeans today. The contrast color of the thread emphasizes the unique shapes of the seam lines and neckline. The denim was left raw, or unwashed, to maintain the crisp hand and uniform dark color. The designing and patternmaking were done exclusively using V-Stitcher, a 3D visualization program. This was a risk I assumed since I had not previously executed an original design exclusively using V-Stitcher.

Keywords: patternmaking, Denim, patternmaking, 3D visualization, laser, 3D visualization

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Published on
15 Dec 2019