Consumer Behavior

Motivational Drivers of Chinese Consumers’ Brand Avoidance Behaviors: A Perspective of Sportswear

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The Chinese sportswear market has become increasingly competitive in the last few years. Additionally, Chinese domestic brands’ up marketing and global brands’ down marketing initiatives may generate confusion in consumers’ minds regarding the position and image of the brands. It is vital to investigate not only Chinese consumers’ positive purchase behaviors, but also their negative avoidance toward sportswear brands. The purpose of this study was to examine consumers’ brand avoidance behaviors due to their negative perceptions toward sportswear brands in the Chinese sportswear market based on brand avoidance framework. The results suggested that Chinese consumers have shown avoidance toward both domestic and global sportswear brands. The following motivational factors were revealed as significant influencers of Chinese consumers’ avoidance behaviors toward sportswear brands: negative shopping and consumption experience, negative brand identity, and unpleasant advertisement. Additionally, the relationships between brand avoidance drivers and brand avoidance were moderated by brands’ country of origin.

Keywords: brand avoidance, sportswear, motivational driver, consumer perception

How to Cite: Lin, L. , Xu, Y. & Tao, Q. (2019) “Motivational Drivers of Chinese Consumers’ Brand Avoidance Behaviors: A Perspective of Sportswear”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 76(1). doi: