Consumer Behavior

Assessing a Survey: Motivations of Collaborative Consumption of Clothing

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An alternative strategy in which consumers can contribute to sustainable efforts is through collaborative consumption (CC). Derived from consumer behavior theories, the Attitudinal Model of Collaborative Consumption of Clothing (AMCC) summarizes the underlying motivations to collaboratively consume clothing. These motivations include:1) sustainability,2) enjoyment, 3) reputation, and 4) economic benefits. According to the AMCC,these motivations contribute to a positive attitude that then leads to CC behavior. The researchers subsequently developed a survey to assess CC given the AMCC. The purpose of this study was to assess the developed survey and the AMCC. Findings revealed (N = 279) the survey represented three primary motivations: 1) sustainability/economic, 2) enjoyment, and 3) reputation. The AMCC was modified to demonstrate these three motivations influenced each other,as well as, “behavior intent” that subsequently impacted behavior. Only sustainability/economic benefits positively and directly influenced actual behavior. Practical implications include incorporating these findings in marketing campaigns to stimulate CC with clothing.


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