Consumer Behavior

Failure Experience and Rumination in Mobile Shopping of Fashion Products

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Consumer failure experiences lead to negative emotions. These emotions result in a process called ‘Rumination’, which refers to constant contemplation of the related event, cause, and outcome of the negative emotion. Our study focuses on the experiences of consumers' service failure in the mobile environment and the process of cognitive appraisal. A total of 32 individual interviews conducted for women aged of 20s and 30s. This study shows that the consumers’ failed mobile shopping experiences are related to specific negative emotions. Rumination was experienced in general, though the intensity of rumination differed by the type of failures. Mobile shopping, which requires more time to solve service problems such as delivery, exchange, or refund than offline, which is face too face service, has been shown to extend consumers' rumination. Consequently, ruminating the unpleasant experiences led to negative recognition of the underlying factors,resulting in final decisions such as terminating the relationship with particular retailers.

Keywords: mobile shopping, rumination, negative emotion, failure experience

How to Cite: Ahn, G. , Kim, I. & Lee, Y. (2019) “Failure Experience and Rumination in Mobile Shopping of Fashion Products”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 76(1). doi: