Consumer Behavior The Influencer Economy, An Exploratory Study

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Social media has become a relevant part of consumers’ everyday lives and is being used for a number of activities including communicating, discussing, and online shopping. A natural outcome of greater integration of social media in people’s lives, influencer marketing is gaining traction and they have a wide reach through online markets and social media outlets. is one such influencer app and gives consumers the opportunity to shop from their favorite influencer’s Instagram posts. This current study is exploratory and utilizes modified Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) model to investigate the use of by consumers and the influence of the app on their purchase intent and shopping behavior.

Keywords:, Influencer, Social Media

How to Cite: Sommermeyer, K. & Pookulangara, S. (2019) “ The Influencer Economy, An Exploratory Study”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 76(1). doi: