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Salon: Performance and Interpretive Expressions of Creative Scholarship

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In this salon, we aimed to enhance the dissemination of knowledge for creative scholarship and explore the possibility of new dissemination options at ITAA. The current juried design exhibition, while a great event, is static and does not allow for the display and presentation of some of the in-depth or performative aspects of the creative scholarship that is shown at the conference. In this salon session, four designers exhibited their juried creative scholarship with an interpretive or performance component including: My Beautiful Annabel Lee by Belinda T. Orzada; Fried Transformation by Brianna Plummer; DearHeart: A Circus Costume by Jenny Leigh Du Puis; and The “Moving" Skirt by Bingyue Wei with mentor Brendan Reddy-Best. 


How to Cite: Reddy Best, K. L. , Ridgway, J. L. , Ellington, T. N. , Orzada, B. T. , Plummer, B. , Du Puis, J. L. & Wei, B. (2019) “Salon: Performance and Interpretive Expressions of Creative Scholarship”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 76(1). doi: