Creative Design: Undergraduate

Architecture x Margiela

  • Katya Roelse (University of Delaware)
  • Wing Tang (University of Delaware)


The fast fashion industry in the U.S. generates over 15 million tons of textile waste due to the rapid disposal rates of garments each year. This industry is moving at such a rapid pace that consumers cannot appreciate and value what they wear. By incorporating Haute Couture sewing techniques and fabric manipulation, my garments can offer a less wasteful alternative and provide more meaning for consumers. This look was inspired by the Parisian Neo-Byzantine architecture of Galeries Lafayette and the experimental fabric manipulations often used at Maison Margiela, who is known for deconstructive design (displaying the inside of the garment as the outside) and mixing of unconventional fabrics. The bustier is made out of a silver-green Veneta lace and has smocked, off-the-shoulder sleeves and ruffled trim along the princess seams. The high-waisted, Neoprene shorts are pleated, and the pockets expose the inside of the garment.

Keywords: Haute Couture Techniques

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Roelse, K. & Tang, W., (2019) “Architecture x Margiela”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 76(1). doi:

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Published on
15 Dec 2019