Creative Design: Professional

Yin-Yang Circles

  • May Chae (Montclair State University)


The purpose of the design was to demonstrate visually the connection between a cultural symbol and artistic fashion. The objective of this design was to create a wearable avant-garde look satisfying both the aesthetics and wearability of women’s strapless dresses and accessories by using handmade and 3D-printed yin-yang circles. The shape and color contrast of yin-yang circles on this garment has aesthetic properties viewers will appreciate. The yin-yang circles consist of contrasting colors, with black on one side and light gray/black on the other, which generates a strong visual impact. To elevate the overall concept of yin-yang into a wearable avant-garde look, 3D-printed yin-yang circles were also created and made into a necklace. This necklace consisted of different-sized yin-yang circles, which resemble Asian hanging wall art; it accents and completes a wearable avant-garde look. This wearable avant-garde strapless dress, inspired by a cultural symbol, the yin-yang circle can help upgrade the use of yin-yang in both art and fashion.

Keywords: wearable avant-garde, 3D-print, Yin-yang, applique

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Chae, M., (2019) “Yin-Yang Circles”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 76(1). doi:

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Published on
15 Dec 2019